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Architectural sheets made of pure titanium

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The Architecture and Interior Design Fair in Zurich was a success. We were able to show our pure titanium sheets for facades to a wide audience. We are happy to provide furhter information about this unique material.

Proven for decades: Facades, roofs, ceilings, exterior and interior claddings made of pure titanium

Titanium as a construction material has excellent properties and is also a high-quality and elegant material. Its sophisticated reflectivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent corrosion resistance make titanium an excellent material for architectural applications. The material found its way into architecture as early as the 1970s, first for museums and temples in Japan, then for surfaces such as facades and roofs in stadiums, airports, hotels, churches, office and residential buildings.

Examples of use

Picture 1 & 2: Hotel Marqués de Riscal, Elciego, Spain; Frank O. Gehry
Picture 3: Northern Light Cathedral, Alta, Norway; Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Picture 4: Showa Hall, Tokyo, Japan; Kikutake Architects
Picture 5 & 6: M6B2 Tower of Biodiversity, Paris, Frankreich; Edouard François
Picture 7: Flower House, Design Miami / Art Basel; Edouard François
Picture 8: Kyushu National Museum, Fukuoka, Japan; Kiyonori Kikutake
Picture 9 & 10: Retamar Chapel, Madrid, Spain; Artytech2 -  Hermoso & Heimannsfeld Arquitectos S.L.P
Picture 11 &12: Garage building, Zurich, Switzerland; merkli degen architekten eth sia

Pictures No. 1 - 10 are courtesy of Nippon Steel Corporation.


Excellent corrosion resistance
Titanium easily forms a stable oxide layer and thus has an extreme corrosion resistance over decades, it has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking, crevice corrosion and pitting; titanium is more resistant than copper and stainless steel. Titanium is therefore also ideally suited to environments with acid rain, ultraviolet radiation or sea water.

Titanium is a light metal
With approx. 4.5 g/cm3 titanium is 40% lighter than steel and 50% lighter than copper, so lighter structures and simpler substructures are required. It is also a metal with high specific strength.

Minimal thermal expansion
The coefficient of expansion of titanium is about half that of steel and copper and about one third of aluminium. Therefore, titanium is well suited in combination with glass and concrete. Its melting point is about 1668°C, which is higher than that of other metals. Titanium is declared as a non-combustible material.

Excellent aesthetic qualities
Titanium has an excellent surface finish and a muted silver colour. By anodic oxidation of the surface many colours and excellent colour reflections (play of colours) can be created. Depending on the viewing angle, curvature of the titanium surface, time of day and weather, different colour effects can be created by the interference of light.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable
Titanium is a harmless metal, compatible with the environment, extremely robust and very durable. It also retains its original colour for decades. Titanium is not washed away into the environment (no measurable metal runoff rate), as is the case with copper and zinc, for example. There is also no need for plastic coating for protection or colouring.

Good workability
Architectural titanium sheets can be processed using the same tools and machines as for stainless steel sheets; welding is also possible. Titanium is pliable well, but springs back slightly more than steel.

Interference Colours

By forming a thin colorless and transparent oxide layer by the anodic oxidation method on the titanium surface, colours appear due to light interference. A wide range of colours can be created by changing the thickness of the layer. This means that no colour pigments are introduced, but the colours are created solely by light interference. Depending on sunlight and viewing angle, different colour nuances can appear. In the IP Gold line, the inherent material colour of titanium nitride is vapour-deposited (PVD process). The thickness of gold titanium nitride layer is between 0.3 and 0.6 µm.
The original colour remains for decades, discolouration is minimal.

Product range

Titanium sheets are available in various designs and surface structures on coils and in panels:

Rolled matt surface structure (TranTixxiiTM - Roll Dull Finish)

Sheets on coils:    Thicknesses of 0.3mm up to 2.0mm
                                 Widths up to max. 1219mm
Sheets in panels:  Thicknesses of 0.3mm up to 2.0mm
                                 Widths up to max. 1219mm, Length up to max. 2400mm

Sandblasted surface structure (TranTixxiiTM - Blasting Finish)
Sheets on coils:    Thicknesses of 0.3mm up to 1.2mm
                                 Widths up to max. 1000mm
Sheets in panels:  Thicknesses of 0.3mm up to 2.0mm
                                 Widths up to max. 1219mm, Length up to max. 2400mm

Coloured surfaces (TranTixxiiTM - Anodized Color Finish)
Sheets on coils:   Thicknesses of 0.3mm up to 1.0mm
                                Widths up to max. 650mm
Sheets in panels: Thicknesses of 0.3mm up to 2.0mm
                                Widths up to max. 1100mm, Length up to max. 2400mm

Surfaces in gold (TranTixxiiTM - IP Gold Titanium)
Sheets in panels: Thicknesses of 0.3mm up to 1.5mm
                                Widths up to max. 1219mm, Length up to max. 3100mm

Surfaces in crystal texture (TranTixxiiTM - Hyperbeta Titanium)
Sheets in panels: Thicknesses of 0.4mm up to 1.0mm
                                Widths up to max. 600mm, Length up to max. 1200mm

Interior Design

Pure titanium sheets are also ideal for cladding interior and exterior decorations, furniture (cladding of couches, chairs, kitchens, bars) or wall and ceiling cladding in interiors. Especially here, the design possibilities are unlimited and make the objects and rooms appear particularly attractive.

Mock-up façade in different environments

The TranTixxiiTM products from the Japanese manufacturer Nippon Steel Corporation are high-quality, versatile and durable building materials. They offer elegance combined with outstanding properties, associated with a unique play of colours that will leave its mark on many generations. The products also help to reduce maintenance and life cycle costs, reduce weight and increase the safety of buildings, based on Japan's sensitivity and technologies for a better future. Many buildings around the world prove the charisma and elegance of buildings with titanium cladding. The following brochure from Nippon Steel shows various projects:


Sample brochures with surface structures and colours are available on request from Signer Titanium AG. The following flyer summarizes the properties and the product range and can be downloaded here:
Our newsletter shows the sample façade, which we would be happy to present to you on site.

TranTixxii® wins the “Red Dot Design Award 2022” - The world’s first metal material to receive the award.

Signer Titanium AG is a distributor of architectural sheets for Nippon Steel Corporation and listed on the website:

"TranTixxii" is a registered trademark of Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan.
All pictures are courtesy of Nippon Steel Corporation.
Link to Nippon Steel:

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